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Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: The Buzzy One
Species: Bee
Age: 5
Friends: Barnabee and Jasper
Enemies: Jasper and Rubee (Sometimes)
Relatives: Babee, Mamabee, Papabee, and Rubee
Occupation: Schoolbee
First Appearance: Postman Buzzbee
Voiced by: William Bruce-Vanderpuye


Buzzbee is a funny, annoying and aggresive young bee. He s still learning to hover and trys to solve problems by himself, but they always go wrong.


Buzzbee's bedrom is blue, with blue pentagon's all over the wall, his room is extremly messy, and will always stay that way. Buzzbee is not allowed to Fly out of his window, or slam the door.



Buzzbee's relationship with his mother is very strong, they look after each other as seen in the episode Bee in Charge, Buzzbee and Rubee were being Mamabee for the day, so they find out that she works so hard every day.


Buzzbee is just like his father and Grandpabee they like to play football together, and like to sing and play. Buzzbee may not like his father's footbll skills but will alwys love each other as a family.


Buzzbee likes Jasper as a best friend, they are both very good at running, playing football, and are both very energetic. They both seem to leave Barnabee out of their games.


Buzzbee's weak an good friend is Barnabee, he gives good advice, not good at running, but great and concentrating.Buzzbee sometimes gets annoyed with Barnabee but they seem to make up afterwards.


Buzzbee doesn't really talk to babee because she can't talk, but he is great at making her sleep.

Rubee Edit

Buzzbee big, annoying, bossy sister, Buzzbee likes rubee, but sometimes hates her because she's so bossy. Rubee likes to look after Buzzbee but buzzbee never listens to her, they argue a lot and fught. they love to share stories, songs and games.


Grandpa loves to tell stories and gives good advice to Buzzbee and his friends. But still breaks a wing.


Buzzbee doesn't interact with Grandma but still loves her.


Buzzbee favourite animal, Jump is a flea, he loves to play with him, and loves to look after him.


Buzzbee has black and yellow striped fur, and has black eyes. Buzzbee wears black shoes, and has black curly antennae.