George Pig
George pig
Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: "Dine-Saw"
Species: Pig
Age: 2
Friends: Richard Rabbit, Edmond Elephant
Enemies: Peppa Pig, (Sometimes)
Relatives: Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Peppa Pig
Occupation: School Boy
First Appearance: Muddy Puddles

Welcome to George's Area

George is Peppa Pig's younger brother.

George's Appearance

George is light pink and wears his favorite blue shirt. He wears red boots when going out to jump in muddy puddles, George wears back shoes, and has brown/black eyes.

George's Personality

George is 2 years old and loves to play with his toy dinosaur, his big sister Peppa, even when she's being bossy. George carries his dinosaur everywhere with him. George is best friends ith Richard Rabbit