Gumball Watterson
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Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Cat
Age: 12 (early season 1)
13 (late season 1 and seasons 2-6)

Gumball Watterson is a cool 12-13 year old blue cat, he is the oldest of 3 children in The Wattersons Family, He Goes to Elmore Junior High and lives in Elmore with his Family.


Gumball is a blue cat, he wears a peach colored shirt, and grey jeans, gumball doesn't wear shoes like his parents and only has six whiskers but five are only seen because his head is at an angle, Gumball is the only one in the family to not show hisd eyelashes.


Penny (love Interest)Edit

Gumball has a Massive crush on Penny, but tries to cover it up, He often slips out words like "I Love you" into Your Painting, or Your Antlers!, Penny has seen Gumball naked in The Dress and The Club

Darwin Watterson (Best Friend)Edit

Although he is Gumball's brother they are best friends, Darwin is Gumball's best Friend, he can walk, talk, swim, breathe air, and water!, Darwin still loves fish Flakes, and Gumball can be a Bad influence on him

Anais Watterson (Younger Sister)Edit

Although Anais Watterson is always right, Gumball regrets it and comes up with an even stupider idea, Gumball, loves his sister and would try to keep her safe, but inside of him, he knows that she is Always right.

Richard Watterson (Father)Edit

Gumball Loves his father very much, he is as strong as Gumball, and loves to touch a weird place in his belly, Richard can be tough on Gumball by giving him challenges and couraging him to be silly.

Nicole Watterson (Mother)Edit

Gumball Loves his mother a lot, but is scared to tell her things because she will get very angry or fiery


Tobias is a very bad friend to Gumball, he ignores him, and likes Darwin Watterson better, he ovbiously did that to annoy Gumball


Being a robot is hard, especially teaching him how to be one as seen in The Robot, Gumball tries to teach him to laugh, cry, and cool walk, but takes advantage of it.

Miss SimianEdit

Miss Simian and Gumball strongly dislike each other, Miss Simian likes to give Gumball detentions beacause he is planning something with darwin


Carrie is very easy to take advantage of like taking his body to use it as a food spree, Carrie is a 12 year old Ghost she died when she was 3, and cannot eat solid food, her reflections cannot be seen in the mirror either.


Gumball used Alan as a new best friend as seen in The Third, Gumball cannot remember Alan's name calling him "Adam", and dislikes him because he has no hands.

Banana JoeEdit

Banana Joe is very weird, he seems to laugh at himself in thwe mirror and everywhere he goes, He is sometimes rude to Gumball and Darwin Watterson, in The GI Banana Joe teased Gumball to tears because he was a "weiner"


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  • In The Dress Gumball's fake name was GumBallOopsEggWobbleUnderPants
  • Gumball has a very strong Fear of Spiders ans seen in The Date
  • Gumball and Anais came 4th in The Dumb Race
  • Gumball is a very bad liar in some Episodes
  • Gumball being a cat, still has his cat behaviour: Drooping his ears, drooping his tail, Meowing and retracting his claws, making his teeth slightly sharper when hungry.
  • In The Quest Gumball is rubbish at cacthing, things.
  • in The Laziest Gumball hates the shopping channel.
  • Gumball has six whiskers but five are visible.
  • Although Cats hate Showers Gumball is never seen having a shower, because cats hate water.