Mummy Pig
Mummy pig
Character Information
Gender: Female
Also known as: "Mrs. Love"
Species: Pig
Age: 24
Friends: Mummy Rabbit
Enemies: Mr Bull
Relatives: Daddy Pig, George Pig, Peppa Pig.
Occupation: Home Worker
First Appearance: Polly Parrot

Mummy Pig is a major Character in Peppa Pig.


Mummy Pig wears a orange dress which is her favorite color, she wears blue boots when going outside to jump in puddles. She wears lots of Make-up, and has black shoes.


Mummy Pig will get quite angry at a mess, but is loving and caring to her children, she cooks, she smiles, and gives great advice to Peppa and George. Georege is her favorite child, because he is so young.