Nonny normal
Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: "Mr Cautious"
Species: Guppy
Age: 4
Friends: Mr. Grouper, Oona, Molly, Gil, Deema, Goby
Enemies: None
Relatives: Uknown
Occupation: School boy
First Appearance: Call a Clambulance!
Voiced by: Eamon Pirruccello

Nonny is a brainy, cautious, and overly calm Guppy, he's more likely to comment on the action than get swept up in it, often using an advanced vocabulary for his age. Physical activities make Nonny a little unsure of himself, (He's rather define Basketball than play it). Even so, Nonny has a persevering spirit. His willingness to keep trying, combined with encouragement from his friends, often leads him to triumph in the end. Nonny loves to ead books and eat pickle and cheese sandwiches. Nonny's nickname is Nonners, although nobody calls him that but Deema. On occasion , it's hinted that he has feelings for Oona.

Love InterestsEdit

Nonny's main Love interest is Oona, some other people think it's Deema. Nonny's love interest is implied to be Oona, as shown multiples times. For instance, in Can You Dig It?, Oona was the only one to wait for him at the dinosaur dig. Also, in Build Me a Building!, they look at each other and he smiles.


Nonny has pale skin and orange hair and green eyes. He wears blue pilot goggles (just known as to be underwater glasses) and has a striped green tail.


Nonny has been seen in every episode, but his first one was Call a Clambulance!


Before Adobe Flash. Nonny looked a lot like this:


  • It is revealed in "Can You Dig It? ", that Nonny is allergic to dirt.
  • Along with Deema, Nonny makes the most lunch jokes.
  • In "Fisketball," Nonny couldn't catch a ball properly.
  • Out of all the Guppies, Nonny and Oona have sung the least songs (in all the other songs he has appeared in, he usually sang backup), but he did get his own song near the end of "Can You Dig It? "
  • Nonny is shown to smile the least out of the guppies during episodes.
  • Nonny's favorite color is orange.
  • So far in Season Two, Nonny has made all the lunch jokes.
  • Strangely enough, all of them either have to do with spaghetti and meatballs or macaroni and cheese.
  • Nonny has never said hello to the viewers upon entering the classroom so far. He's always seen sitting down when Mr. Grouper arrives. He only waves to the viewers.