"Stretch's Cookies"
#if:Stretchs cookies
Season: 1
Episode Number: 1
Airing Information
"Page Turner"

Mrs Portillo has ordered a new Washing Machine but it can't fit through the door??!?

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Manny Garcia get a phone call from Mrs Portillo, she asks manny if he could put the Washing Machine through the door.But Manny Garcia tought very had, but knew the idea. Dusty offered to cut the door open, and Feipe and Turner offered to screw the window out. but Manny said no. Squeeze offered to take the Washing machine apart. But that wasn't a good idea. So the tools spent a very long time thinking, the Mr. Lopart came with his cat Fluffy and Fluffy saw Rusty, and chased him. then all the tool reached the back door. Stretch measured te back door and told Manny that its big enough to fit the back door, and they put the washing machine through the door, and then made some Ombligos and gave some to Manny.On the way home, Manny met Kelly and gave her some.